A Good Day

Welcome to Good Day, Taipei. 

I am Stephanie Hsu, I live in Taipei, and I am in need of a good day.

I bet you do too.

Good Day, Taipei is partly a guide to the city that I love, and also a chronicle of the journey to fall in love with it more.

Maybe you’re here visiting for a day, a week, a month; or maybe you’re here to wander for a while, to see what you can see. Maybe you’ve lived here for a year, six years, your whole life. Maybe you once lived here (in which case, we can only give you once piece of advice: move back!)

We always want to travel, don’t we? We make grand plans in excited whispers to friends, over chat messages, in our journals. We plan them to places from Sweden to Brazil, dreaming of adventure, when things will finally be exciting, when life will finally be adventurous and dreamy and good. How epic our travels will be!

Maybe you’re on your adventure, and in that case, welcome. We have plenty of suggestions that can make your adventure as dreamy as your imagined.

But if it’s not? What if you live here, and the novelty of living in Taipei has worn off? Or if the trip that you thought was so romantic in the beginning becomes bogged down with the mundane trappings of day-to-day life? It just all seems so ordinary. 

Please, please. Make the resolution to delight in the ordinary, in the ordinary things that slip away if we don’t decide to make them great. The pictures above are from an exhibit that held by a well-known dining group Taipei. It was called “Ordinary Beauty”, and it was well, full of—ordinary things. Tea kettles, cheap mirrors, hair brushes. All humble things that we use in our everyday lives and consider insignificant, until they’re elevated, glorified, brought to our attention. We admire their shape, their form, their color, previously unrevealed to us.

And the kettles, the mirrors, the brushes of my life? I want to let them be great. The way the sunlight hits a certain tree branch during an afternoon walk, a new place to eat cupcakes, a night of music with friends, a good lattecup in a pretty , a lunch box box full of warm veggies: let this all, be great, and let it be beautiful, and until the swirl of life picks you off you feet again to places far-flung, let it be enough.

Have a good day xx Stephanie


7 thoughts on “A Good Day

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  3. thanks stephanie for your incredible writing. i’m enjoying it and will definitely be checking out some of your recommendations in taiwan next month! =)

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