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Taipei Snaps.

My friend asked me to dig up some of my favorite photos of Taipei for a possible project & I just went a little crazy.

Most of the photos are mine, one or two by friends snuck in there.

Which ones are your favorites? She asked me to pick four photos. 

Let me know which ones we should pick!

Taipei, I love you, you crazy, unrefined, beautiful mess of a city. 











IMG_7507578671_10101072665002564_371565232_n IMG_0569



IMG_5994 IMG_2941



13 thoughts on “Taipei Snaps.

    • thanks! and yes, that is Daan Park, RIGHT by where I live. So blessed to see this view every single (sunny) day!

  1. Hi Stephanie! Came over to say thanks for taking such fantastic photos on Sunday! I love all the photos in this post, really hard to choose. I only sort of narrowed down the list, but my favorites are:

    1) The bamboo photo
    2) The one of the two guys with the steamed baskets
    3) The park with the bicycles on the right
    4) The slightly out-of-focus photo in the woods with the stepping stone trail (img_0569)
    5) hot spring photo with the steam
    6) the one of you hiking up a mountain
    7) the one of the man with the bubbles

    • No prob! I sent them to Cindi 🙂 and yeah I just asked my dad (because you know dad’s always…right??! Well…) and he liked the steamer, the fish, the boats and the night market scene. Hmmm everyone seems to have different opinions! I’ll have to start narrowing it down.

      • It’s unfortunate that this debate exists in its current state. The whole idea of fairness can be side stepped when people realize the regressive nature surrounding the intame/corporace/capitol gains taxes. It seems that very few, if any, are talking about a complete overhaul of the system to a national consumption tax. 1) It’s fair. 2) It’s simple and easy to enforce. 3) In all likeliness, it’ll stimulate economic growth.I have failed to garner a coherent counter argument to this proposal. All other rhetoric amounts to intricate distractions that is mostly missing the point.

  2. No.2 No.8 No.12 No.14 and No.17
    I just count it from the top.
    I love the 17 the most.
    historical and natural beauty =)

    • haha yes! you picked all the nature ones 🙂 thank you so much! i DO love number 17. I believe it was taken in….Taipingshan? Oh no, my parents take me on so many hikes I forget all the names!

  3. 6, the one that you’re climbing the mountain.
    17,remote track in a woods
    18, a man moving the steamer
    and the last one! 🙂

    • Ben–thanks for stopping by! Two of those shots are taken by my very talented photographer friends, so good eye 😉 As for the mountain path, it’s in Taipingshan and I was amazing at how gorgeous & Lord of the Rings-esque it was!

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