Still Here? Move to My New Site, Silly!

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So it might have to do with the fact that I’ve been horribly lax in moving the current subscribers to this blog over to my new site. WordPress is working on that right now; so you lovely people don’t have to lift a finger! In a few hours (hopefully)–you’ll be receiving updates from my new site THE THOUSANDTH GIRL. It has a way better layout that I’ve worked super hard on, as well as a bunch of new features & sections, so hopefully you’ll like it! It will include:

  • Taipei food & drink reviews, things to do, etc (all the asme stuff as this blog!)
  • Country/City Guides from my non-Taiwan travels all around the world (Stockholm & Iceland are up next!)
  • Selections of my personal writing
  • Travel tips & advice
  • Shiny new FB page, where I’ll be posting more consistent updates
  • FB commenting enabled on posts (so much easier to start conversations and discussions that way)

This site will remain running as a resource (as I said before, I haven’t migrated all of the posts from this blog to my new site). Once I fully develop my site and the social media around it, I will delete this site altogether. You may wonder why certain posts that were once on this site are now missing: it’s because I’ve taken them off in order to focus attention on  THE THOUSANDTH GIRLwhere they are now archived.

See you there.


One thought on “Still Here? Move to My New Site, Silly!

  1. since you like food and gourmet stuff…do you already know VINOZA.com….I just discovered it. It is an amazing new kind of wine store in the Xinyi Dist. You can taste all the wines and they have really good offers. you can also meet up with friends and try their tapas or you can use the bag room to host events. I love the design…it is European / industrial…and the people there are really friendly.

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