This Blog is Moving! Find Out Where!

EDIT: Sorry, the links weren’t working before, but I just fixed them! Enjoy!

Note: This blog has moved! Please click here or the picture below to reach the new site!


I’m here to make a rather important announcement: “I’m moving!” Moving where, you ask? Don’t worry–not away from my beautiful Taipei (that won’t be until a bit later on)–but I’m moving to a brand new platform, a self-hosted site with a domain name and everything! This platform has been my pet project over the past weeks; and I’ve learned quite a few skills along the way! I learned the basics of Photoshop, Illustrator, CSS/HTML/JavaScript, WordPress.org, and a whole bunch of other random things in order to create the platform I’ve always wanted to have.

It’s got a few fancy upgrades from my current site, including:

fancy category buttons, so you can click straight into what you’re looking for! 

area-based listings 

facebook powered commenting (no more pesky forms to fill!)

google translate plug-in (so you can translate the content into almost any language!)

…and the same content that’s currently on this site, minus some posts that I didn’t feel were up to par. I’m trying to establish an even higher standard for my new platform in terms of post quality, photos, etc. 

The new site is still called “Good Day, Taipei” by thethousandthgirl (that’s me, and a group of my friends!) I’m excited to be working with a team this time around; there’s nothing better than working with friends.

I’ll be switching the email subscriber list in the next few days; so update your bookmarks, and see you on the other side!

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 12.24.51 AM


6 thoughts on “This Blog is Moving! Find Out Where!

  1. I thoroughly endorse the idea of using your own domain, but why not get the domain of your current blog name? It seems available and I think it’s catchier. It’s confusing that the new site still says “good day, taipei” but the domain is different.

    Other feedback:
    I can’t find the RSS feed, maybe look into the WordPress settings and put a button for it?

    I don’t think the google translate bar is necessary.
    How many people are using it to read your site in German? (note: this is a question you could actually answer with analytics) vs. people who are reading it in English and have to view an out-of-place looking bar? (I know users can click the “x,” but they shouldn’t have to)

    You can still support translate by linking to it somewhere, but I don’t think the bar should be visible on every page. People who read sites in translation usually know that they can do so, and don’t need a bar.

    Other than that, looks cool.

    • Thanks for the advice, Tyler! I actually decided to get a different domain that my regular blog name because I am moving away from Taipei next year, and might want to turn the site into something more general (more of global design, travel, etc) and I felt that if I were to do so, it would be mis-leading to have a permanent “Good Day, Taipei’ domain name.

      I do need to set up all the RSS feeds, etc–I am still working on that as I just opened the site! Will definitely take your advice about the google bar; hopefully the new site will be even better than this one! any other advice you have would be appreciate and welcomed 🙂

  2. I love love ur website!!

    Planning a solo trip to Taipei coming April and ur old archive of e Taipei cafe is wonderful and I’m counting down to weekend to look through thoroughly on all your other posts!

    A Singaporean

    • Thank you Ching! Please check back at my new website thethousandthgirl.com; as I’m going to be posting updates from there from now on; including more cafes. Please let me know if you have any questions!

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