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Three Days in London, Part II.

On my second day in London, I had been pointed towards Shoreditch, London’s Williamsburg of sorts. So I made my way over to Liverpool Street Station (bankers & corporate cronies clusterfuck) just in time for the lunch rush. Getting stuck in rush hour in Stockholm is a privilege. (hello, hot, tall, blonde Swedish men in perfect suits walking around everywhere)…

…in London, it’s a burden. I’ll leave it at that.


From Liverpool Station, I made a quick stop at Spitalfields Market, some kind of semi-open air vaguely vintage-y mall place with lots of restaurants for the office crowd on the sides, and some spectacularly shitty booths in the middle selling imported Asian night market goods. I was looking around for this supposed hipster district, and was in despair until I turned the street near Spitafelds & saw a massive Urban Outfitters. Obviously I was headed in the right direction.



And so to the hipsters I went, specially to a street called Brick Lane. Honestly, it was sort of terrible! (sort of in the same way that Williamsburg is kind of terrible) It was like Urban Outfitters exploded all over the place. I just walked around and stared at every tattooed, malnourished-looking, fixie-wheeling person in the street (which essentially was…everyone) in disbelief. There were a ton of vintage shops selling really cool stuff (I picked up a pair of…vintage-y looking hiking books for 20 pounds) & a few interesting cafes.I was shopping around for food options (this is where I think Williamsburg has got Shoreditch beat, better food!) & just ended up at this open-air café eating a haloumi wrap with two very, very drunk men persistently trying to make themselves my dining companions. Sometimes that can be a very good thing (depending on the time of day & the situation, naturally)–but at noon on another blazing hot heat-wave day in London, I wasn’t feeling our connection…


I hauled ass out of there & ended up walking around Convent Garden (so, so, so touristy, and I never actually figured out what I was supposed to be seeing there) Actually, all of London right now is a smelly stew of touristy badness; I think the crowds at 80% tourists and 20% actual Londoners) in the South Bank (where the London Eye, that giant ferris wheel is). There’s not much to do in the South Bank except enjoy the view (I did, walking on the bridge on the way over) & eat (…I wasn’t hungry, and I was waiting for Giulia & Fraser to get out of the cinema so we could have fish & chips!) So, that was South Bank. At this point, I still had like 3 hours to kill before Giulia & Fraser finished their movie, so I went to Marylebone High Street, of Monocle fame (they have their store in Marylebone & deemed Marylebone high street as an example of a ‘perfect town street’ or whatever). I didn’t actually try to find the Monocle shop, but the street was full of cool shops (including a beautiful bookstore called Daunt Books, where books are organized by the destinations they describe) and I found a Chipotle! So Monocole was right! The perfect street should always include a Chipotle. But London’s Chipotle was so expensive, and the portions were small—(to me, as a fatass American used to 8000 calories of faux-Mexican goodness getting dumped in front of me in burrito-bowl form).


At night, we walked to Giulia’s local fish & chips place to get fried cod, chips with vinegar (all wrapped in a greasy paper bundle) & mushy peas (!), all of which was delicious, especially at 10pm at night. Such good drunk food! I wish we had this in Taipei.


So, any thoughts?

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