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Three Days in London, Part I.

I’m glad I went to London, only if I learned that I have absolutely no desire to ever live there for a sustained period of time, like I once thought.

I just did not feel London, & it has nothing to do with my accommodations or company, since I had the privilege of staying with the  amazing Giulia, who graciously let me stay at her family’s beautiful house near Chelsea. I had the chance to live in the most amazing townhouse, stay in a wonderful bed, and access to tons & tons of Vogue magazines! Heavenly (a different kind of heavenly) after staying in a bus on a farm for 2 weeks! I just didn’t…feel comfortable in the city, and felt that after 3 days, I’d done most of what I actually wanted to do in London (not seeing shows, I think they’re nice, but totally a waste of money) and frankly was getting a bit bored.

The Tube was reasonably priced & convenient, so I got to visit a great deal of the city in just 3 days; a horribly hot & crowded three days— especially since London was experiencing a rare heat-wave during my visit. And if I already disliked London under the shining sun, I can’t imagine that my opinion would improve under its perpetual grey skies.


The first day, I from Giulia’s place near Victoria Station (tourist drop-off clusterfuck) over to Hyde Park (frankly like a really yellow and ugly Central Park) to just relax on the grass & read for a bit. I then met up with Giulia in trendy Soho (walking through super-touristy Picadilly Circus on the way, which is just a commercial clusterfuck a la Times Square).



Didn’t get to explore Soho too much, but saw tons of interesting looking cafes & shops—had some great coffee & sandwiches at the ultra, ultra hipster Fernandez & Wells (super minimal storefront, snobby coffee selection and all). I then headed over to the Victoria & Albert Museum, which was goooorgeous and full of breathtaking sculptures & decorative pieces (the wading fountain area in the courtyard was wonderful after walking around in the scorching sun).


Super cute orange juice shop in Victoria & Albert!


I was also told to check out the National History Museum, but when I walked in and saw that the escalator ascended into a giant globe & there were tons of sleek, science-related exhibits (boring!) instead of the slightly-creepy-but-interesting stuffed dioramas I was expecting, I quickly left. I opted to wander around South Kensington (eh) & ended up walking down King’s Road, a posh shopping street in Chelsea.

Picked up a few things at Brandy Melville, which was great as I was thinking of making an order from Taiwan, I wanted their bandeau bras so much (it’s so much more expensive in London than in LA, though!)—

–and then (yeah, I was definitely exhausted by this point) Giulia, her boyfriend Fraser and I jumped on the Tube to go to a dinner party held at Fenton House, this cosy “stately home” preserved by the National Trust, aka some organization in England that protects old buildings & stuff. The food was alright & the house was…a house (sorry, I just can’t get into some things!) but the gardens were lush & gorgeous, the company great, and the general atmosphere jolly, and I’m glad that I had a chance to go to such a unique event away from the tourist hustle & bustle of central London.





5 thoughts on “Three Days in London, Part I.

  1. Hahaha you walked into the Science Museum instead of the Natural History Museum! Natural History Museum has a massive dinosaur skeleton at its entry. The entrance you went to is the back that leads to the science museum instead of all the cool mummified animals and whatnot and the beautiful Natural History museum building. Either way I’m glad you managed to find SOME enjoyment (mainly food orientated) and when you move to Sweden I hope you might come visit again, or I’ll probably come round to you!

    • noooo! really?! I’m really upset! That sounds amazing, I’m sad I was such a bumbling fool & missed it!

  2. omg I study in the UK and I TOTALLY but TOTALLY agree with your blog post. And I ADORE the way you are writing. I love you blog, and your entry proved it yet again.
    want to meet you!! haha

    • @prettyrichthoughts: Ah, glad you agree + aren’t offended instead 😉 Thank you so much for stopping by!!! If you are in Taiwan still I would be more than happy to meet up!

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