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Taiwan Bucket List

So I was riding around Taipei today on a long overdue errand to pick up my ARC when it finally hit me: I’ve only got about one more year in Taiwan! I’m always boggled by foreigners who say they’ve lived here for 4, 5, 7, 8 years; because I’ve only been here a little over one year and it feels like a lifetime! (Not in a bad way; just in a…actually, I don’t know. It just feels like it). With only one more year to experience all that this wonderful city (Taipei) and island has to offer, I’ve decided to make a bucket list and shake myself out of my routine of school, study, snack, sleep. 

I’ve already done a ton of things in Taiwan; due to the two (relatively free!) summers I’ve spent here and an aggressive effort to see all I possibly can during that time. If you want to see what I recommend, take a look at my Travelling Taiwan page. However, there still a lot more to see before I leave these shores for my study abroad (and then, graduation!), so I’m going to make a conscious effort to full enjoy Taiwan, despite a rigorous course load.


I’ll constantly be adding to this list, and post updates as soon as I cross one item off, but here goes! 

Section One: “Big Adventures”

Crossing these things will take a bit of time & effort (I ain’t an English teacher, they seem to have unbelievable amounts of free time)–but I’m determined to do them all!

1. Visit (and take tons of pictures of!) Rainbow Village in Taichung

2. Take a trip to Lanyu (Orchid Island) for scenery and snorkelling

3. Visit Jingmen (Kinmen), an island with tons of military history (my grandfather was a general in the Kuomingtang Army!)

4. Run in the Taroko Gorge Marathon (this is on my dad’s bucket list, so I have to do it with him!)

5. Um…visit Taroko Gorge (why haven’t I done this already…? Everyone says it’s their favorite place in Taiwan)

6. Visit Monkey Mountain in Kaohsiung; a mountainside awash with wild monkeys! I’m down for it.

7. Um…while I’m doing that, visit Kaohsiung (seriously…I don’t know why I haven’t made it down there yet).

8. Pingxi Lantern Festival! (I want to see hundreds of lanterns drift dreamily into the sky; but I haven’t had the motivation to go as of yet due to my dislike of huge crowds…)

9. Take a hike around Jialuo Hu. (Read a post about it on Taiwan Adventures and looks so amazing!)

10. Visit Bulao Buluo; an aboriginal village/farm! Addy wrote about it here. 

Section Two: Day Trips

11. Visit a ‘secret’ hot spring.  (Er, not so secret, thanks Taiwan Adventures! Those guys are incredible, their blog is such a great resource.)

12. Go to the Dragon Boat Festival to watch the races! Some of my friends on are various teams, so this year I’ve got to make it out there to cheer them on!

13. Visit the Aphrodite Europe Flea Market, because, well a European style flea market in Taipei? It could be good, it could be bad…

14. While I’m in Neihu, visit Mooon River  Cafe & Books: I’ve seen several friends post insanely cute photos of the place and the menus are hidden inside books! Ayyy-dorable!

15. Go to the Nangang Bottle Cap Factory for a show. I need to stop being picky about what the event is; I just want to go there…

16. Go to the White Party (I’m not one for music festivals, raves, etc etc): but I have to admit I was sad that I missed it last year out of sheer laziness…I’ll get my white on this year…perhaps. 

Section Three: The Little Things

18. Get my fortune told by a fortune-teller at Longshan Temple (just curious…)

19. Go to a Live Music Show at Bobwundaye

That’s all I’ve got for now, but I’ll keep adding to the list as I think of some! And look for a Travelling Taiwan bucket list coming soon (for travellers that are totally new to Taiwan; I’m going to list things that you must do before you end your stay here!)

Is there anything I’ve left out? Anything I should do before I leave? 

3 thoughts on “Taiwan Bucket List

  1. Ah this has been really helpful. Maybe we can do a few things while I’m in town! 🙂 I’m def putting that rainbow village place on my to do lost for Taichung! Looks rad!

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