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Raohe Night Market

The other day Christine had a friend in town, so I had the opportunity to head over to one of the famous places in Taiwan I hadn’t seen yet: Raohe Night Market. 

So at 9:00pm on a Thursday night after Chinese class (actually, I slipped out early, since 我們上課上到九點半,我們可憐不可憐?) and took the 668 Bus from 台大, which took me straight to the entrance of the 夜市。It took about 30 minutes; and by that time Christine, Chris (bona-fide Youtube star via Wongfu Productions, have you seen their vids?) & Joan of Hungry Girl in Taipei were already halfway through the night market, so in I walked, through the glowing arch….

…and walked.

…and walked.

People, this night market goes on forever. With other night markets I’ve been to, like Tonghua 夜市near 101–you’re in one end and out the other before you’ve even had time to finish your Taiwanese sausage-on-a-stick. Disappointing!

IMG_4239IMG_4241Raohe is this magical tunnel of goodness that just seems to stretch on forever; full of booths on both sides, and the middle. So when you’ve reached one side; turn around: you’ve got a whole ‘nother side to go!

Needless to say, they have all the typical Taiwanese night market favorites, and more: We started off with introducing Chris (a relative night market newbie) to Taiwanese sausage; with raw garlic on the side; of course! Then we introduced him to zhongzi; the sticky rice parcels filled with egg and meat; and then we introduced him to shenjianbao, steamed buns with fried bottoms (哈哈)–basically, if you haven’t already guessed; the entire night consisted of us three girls forcing Chris to eat any and all food in sight: CHRIS! COME HERE! YOU HAVE TO EAT THIS. CHRIS! You have to eat this. CHRIS I BOUGHT THIS FOR YOU SO YOU MUST EAT IT. Poor guy, he was ready to burst at the end.

Oh, and don’t let me forget the rest: we had hot almond milk (a personal favorite of mine) and oyster mushroom with lemon and salt(我最愛的夜市美食!)and that ice cream wrap with peanut shavings and cilantro thing; and that japanese squid ball thing–takoyaki?–and don’t forget a big bowl of red bean soup with Job’s tears!

Okay, and I won’t even talk about the fried milk until later….

But honestly, all we said was: 這是台灣!吃到死!Yeah! Like This is Sparta! This is Taiwan! All we do is freakin’ eat, all the freakin’ time! Eat for glory! Eat ’til you die!

IMG_4240IMG_4238IMG_4245So right before we left the night market with our stomachs near bursting, we decided that Chris had to do one more culinary feat. We spotted a “fried milk stand” near the front of the gate; and proclaimed that this was the last thing that had to go in his mouth before we boarded the taxi for home. Lo and behold, we tried fried milk; it was not good; but not awful either. As Christine said, it just tasted…milky. Hey. Can’t get these people on false advertising. Over & out!



3 thoughts on “Raohe Night Market

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  2. To me, Raohe is the perfect night market – neither too big nor too small. And, as you mentioned: Walk there on one side, walk back on the other. Perfect!

    • Yes!! I think Shida is too crowded and…not full of food–and Shilin is too scattered. Tonghua would be a good runner up, but it’s just so dang small! (Although I love Zoca Pizza (best pizza in TW!) & Tajin (Moroccan) around there, too.) In terms of nightmarket food, Raohe has everything!

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