weekdays, sri lanka

We’re back into the week & it’s just been classes & beach. Headed to Unawatuna Beach both days this week for to get a beautiful outfit made by some of the tailors along the beach road. The ladies are so sweet and I was able to get a pair of pants and blouse made for less than 9 USD, as my pants have been deemed (“ahem”) a bit too tight for the monastery. I’m surprised, being that I’ve been wearing my moms pants for the past week.

Today we didn’t have afternoon classes due to the Mahamodera cricket tournament going on down by the beach, which our “host brother” Indika was playing in. We sat in blazing sun and well, I learned how cricket works. After, I just explored Unawatuna with some friends (its so easy to just get caught in the sand and sea routine and never see anything else) and while fruit shopping, we met a cheeky little monkey friend, living amongst the bananas.

A monkey, living amongst bananas! That sounds like the good life. He must feel how I’ve been feeling, the past two weeks.













So, any thoughts?

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