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Sri Lanka Day Four

One of the great things about living with my host family is that they have a lot of connections to local artisans in the area. As a result, we’re able to get access to the source of many of the items that end up in tourist shops all over the country, marked up for up to ten times the price.

One of the members of the host family, Indika, took me to a family of wood-workers that live a simple life in the jungle, carving wooden elephants and selling them to tourists shops in Galle Fort and the beaches.

I ordered three little elephants for only 900Rs. total (less than 8 USD) with perfect little cow-bone tusks and polished to a sheen.

In the afternoon, we went to the Peace Pagoda, a temple right by Unawatuna Beach donated by a Japanese monk. It’s a huge white dome, and walking in, surrounded by white: just feels so peaceful; and you can simply walk in & look quietly at murals depicting the life of the Buddha. Stopped by the Galle fish market on the way home to see the day’s catch being brought it.








Visiting the Peace Pagoda near Galle.



The path to secluded Jungle Beach. 







Local fish market (straight from the shore).






So, any thoughts?

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