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Volunteering in Galle, Sri Lanka with RCDP

My first days in Sri Lanka, landed after layovers in Singapore and Manila & ready for an adventure.

I moved in with my host family yesterday and met my little class of monks today. We’ve got 9 people living in the house with Michael (the host coordinator) & his sweet family.

Notes post-trip: It’s quite convenient since at the moment we were living there, Michael’s son-in-law Indika, who has his own tuk-tuk, took us anywhere we needed to go (and he is so fun to talk to!). However, just a warning: you’ll have to pay for the tuktuk rides to & from the temple each time. This is totally understandable, but I think that the project description only mentions paying for a tuktuk ride to the orphanage.

Also, the actual schedule differs a bit from what is described in the project sheet. I taught from 8:00am to 10:30am in the morning, and then came back to teach from 2:00pm to 4:00pm in the afternoon. I believe that when I left, the head monk expressed wishes for the classes to be confined just to the morning for 3 hours (so most likely from 8:00am to 11:00am). Compared to the other at the orphanage, teachers with the monks will be the first to leave and the first to return.

That’ll be even better, in a way, since you’ll have the entire rest of the day to explore the beautiful area, which was definitely one of the best parts about choosing RDCP Sri Lanka (besides my monks, of course). Hear me wax eloquent about Galle later on in this post.

End post-trip notes. 

After class, I took a tuktuk to the beautiful Dutch fort in Galle & explored the entire afternoon, ending with a lovely Sri Lankan dinner on a balcony overlooking the sea. Galle is the perfect mix of European chic & the vibrancy of Sri Lanka.


The classroom is rustic but actually quite beautiful & airy–the perpetual Sri Lankan sunshine can just stream in.

Here is Tharindu (age 14!); he’s obviously not a monk but comes to classes anyway & Athadasi and Anomadassi: twins!


I introduced jumping pictures to them, and they liked it very much. 



Ah, Galle Fort. 











One thought on “Volunteering in Galle, Sri Lanka with RCDP

  1. Seems like you had a great experience there. Can you tell me more about the organization? Are they safe, trustworthy, ready to help you at any time? I would really appreciate your reviews, as I am planning to go there in July-August, but the safty issue is holding me back a little. Thank you!

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