singapore photo diary

I specifically planned in a short little Singapore layover on my way over to Sri Lanka via Tiger Airways, and looking back, I am so, so glad I did–my only regret is that I should have stayed longer.

I had a perfect little gem of a layover thanks to Singaporean friend Rudy, who not only showed me (& some other friends who happened to be in from Taipei) around his home city–but provided pick up & drop-off at the airport: Changi Airport is the most efficient airport I’ve been to thus far.

Our first stop was at a wonderful little pancake joint, Strictly Pancakes, but good pancakes, and the rum & raisin butter was heavenly.


Then off to try what Rudy insisted was the best fruit in Singapore: durian.



IMG_1976 IMG_1952


Friends, let me be clear: contrary to what any Singaporean says, durian is not the king of fruits. It smells, feels, looks and tastes–like human feces. I cannot believe that over 50 USD was paid for this hunk of….shit. But it was, ah, an experience.


I had one culinary aim in coming to Singapore: to eat hainan chicken rice. My request was granted, and I was very, very grateful. I didn’t catch the name of this store, but their version was excellent.


IMG_1979 IMG_1977


I also got a taste of mall life in Singapore, which seems to have as, if not more, important of a place in Singaporean society as Taiwan.


I didn’t have time to do more touristy things like go to the Singapore Museum, but I loved seeing the colonial architecture mixed in amongst more modern buildings as I rolled by in Rudy’s car. I would love to visit again, just to look at all the brightly coloured buildings in Singapore.

20130121-212757.jpgHowever, we were headed for the Marina Bay Sands, the iconic hotel (the three towers with the linking platform on top). Rates aren’t cheap, at 200-300USD per room/night; but luckily, a few friends had reserved a room there for the night.

Look at that view.


Blessedly, having a room means that one is able to gain access to the famous infinity pool on top of Marina Bay Sands, overlooking the entire city skyline. I’d seen pictures of it in magazines before & was dying to go up.

IMG_1962 IMG_1963

It was a cloudy, cold day: but ain’t gonna lie: that infinity pool was stunning, crowded as it was by tourists taking loads of pictures. Can’t blame them; as I was one of them. How can you not, when the results look like this?




Singapore, you’re amazing! Can’t wait to be back soon.



So, any thoughts?

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