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hello, sri lanka.

I’m an hour away from leaving for the airport, on my way to Sri Lanka via Manila & Singapore!

I’ll be volunteering there for two weeks with RCDP (Rural Community Development Program) teaching English to child monks in a Buddhist monastery, before meeting with my lovely Sandra (coming in from Sweden) and travelling for almost another two weeks! 

I’m so frightened, and as much as I’m thrilled by the pictures of gorgeous beaches and vibrant colors in my Lonely Planet Sri Lanka guide, I have to be honest and say that, as of now, I wish that I didn’t make the decision to go!

I know that I feel like that because I’ve gotten too complacent, too comfortable–this last year, living with my parents in Taipei and livin’ the good life–everything super convenient, a language I know, a culture I understand, food I grew up eating, safe and sound, no matter day or night.

That’s all about to change, and I dont want it to; I hate that initial stage of being so frightened and unsure and uncomfortable, but I know that it’s necessary, I know that I can do it, and that it will be good. 

sri lanka

photoI’ll be volunteering in the sea-side city of Galle, which they say has really cute cafes and even better beaches. I’m looking forward to soaking up some more sun, exploring a UNESCO World Heritage Site virgin rainforest, and falling in love with Sri Lankan people…

…before I meet up with Sandra in the capital city of Colombo (where the airport is) and we head up north to see remais of an ancient Sri Lankan empire, see brightly colored Buddhas in a huge cave, make a midnight pilgrimage up a rock with thousands of Sri Lankans, take train rides through rolling tea plantations, and see elephants at a Sri Lankan safari park.

It’s going to be a month to remember!

Have a good day xx Stephanie


3 thoughts on “hello, sri lanka.

  1. Hi! I’ll be travelling to Sri Lanka for a short 9-day trip and was wondering how I’ll be able to get in touch with RCDP for a week’s worth of volunteer work. I’m from Singapore

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